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Eat @ Expo

Taste dishes from every corner of the world. Street food, haute cuisine, family friendly meals, sustainable dining and unique culinary journeys are just a handful of the options.

Dubai Expo 2020 - Eat at Expo

One of the best ways to experience a country is by tasting its cuisine, and at Expo 2020, you can eat your way around the world without having to leave the UAE. With food central to Expo’s multi-cultural experience, you can try everything from authentic street food to fine dining prepared by top international chefs. With more than 200 food outlets, you are spoilt for choice, with options ranging from Expo’s dedicated dining venues and facilities to cuisine cooked and served at many of the international pavilions. It’s your chance to get a true flavour of countries from every continent.

Expo, with help from its food partners, is also pushing the culinary ethics agenda with its Food Ethos, using organic, locally sourced produce and sustainable packaging where possible.Expo is a dining destination in its own right, offering a huge array of cuisines, venues and gastronomic experiences all in one place. From sitting on a picnic bench at one of the food truck parks to savouring a three-course meal at an upscale restaurant, there are an endless number of dining options to explore, each with their unique vibe.

Dubai Expo 2020 - Eat at Expo
Dubai Expo 2020 - Eat at Expo

Discover the Never Been Seen Collection, which features a range of culinary experiences brought especially to Expo, bringing together chefs and flavours that had not previously reached Dubai Don’t miss our Local Gems, including some of the UAE’s most longstanding and beloved eateries such as Al Reef Bakery (Opportunity District), Chicken Tikka Inn (Sustainability District), Dampa Seafood Grill (Mobility District), Hanon Feras Sweets (Mobility District), Maraheb Restaurant (Opportunity District) and Ravi (Mobility District).

Every day, some of the world’s most creative culinary minds will push the boundaries of gastronomy in our Bespoke Food Concepts.For some foodie theatre, head to the live cooking station at Farrago, the Expo Culinary Experience restaurant, where Expo has invited countries from around the world to showcase their national dishes, cooked to perfection by guest chefs

Dubai Expo 2020 - Eat at Expo